All About Real World Magic

Background Information

Real World Magic was started by Neil Trigger, a magician with decades of experience teaching and performing magic and illusion as well as having a great interest in witchcraft and "real magic". It began as a small project to help make people's lives better and feel more magical. Sometimes we look for escapism and wonder and it can often be missed. I started Real World Magic to show that magic is around us all the time if only we know where to look.

Since starting back in June 2019, lots has changed - just look at my early videos... Yeesh! Now I make illusions and magical props and decorations that add more magic and beauty and wonder into the world.

I'm proud of the growing community of users who visit this site, offer their feedback and suggest future collaborations. Real World Magic means so much to me. I hope you now enjoy this website. It's all for you guys! If you’d like to join this community, or discuss working together - get in touch today.